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   Security Services                                                        525 East 72nd Street, New York NY 10021                                 KH Security Solutions (MBE certified)

   Pedestrian Traffic Management                                  Tel: 212.390.0011  NYC & Long Island                                       Briger Security Services

   Concierge Services                                                     Tel:  845.782.3352 Hudson Valley                                             KH Facility Management Services

   Janitorial Services                                                      Fax: 917.591.7907

                                                                                    Email:  command@KHbriger.com

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At K.H. BRIGER, we offer a complete range of security guard services, backed by a commitment to the highest level of quality, service and client care.  Our team has years of experience and expertise, helping us to deliver robust, cost effective security solutions, so your company is free to concentrate on what you do best. It is with this kind of dedication and demand for professional excellence that clearly makes K.H. BRIGER Security Guard Services a stand out guard service, surpassing industry standard.

Upon inception, K.H. BRIGER was dually created as a full service security guard company as well as a New York State certified training school ensuring  K.H. BRIGER’s guards are always current with NY state licensing requirements.  K.H. BRIGER takes pride in offering exemplary services for schools, hospitals, state parks, retail stores, corporate offices, construction sites and special events.  K.H. BRIGER’s commitment to security and safety has allowed K.H. BRIGER to grow over the last 11+ years emerging as an industry leader.

K.H. BRIGER is led by former NYPD captain Peter Moreno.  Customer service is overseen by, Yoko Endo, who brings with her years of international retail consulting experience.  Ms. Endo provides insight unique in the public safety service arena; her contribution at Briger allows us to provide an uncommon level of service.

K.H. BRIGER maintains a Command and Control Center where we monitor regional first responder emergency radio frequencies, as well as social media, in order to remain abreast of crime, traffic, and transit conditions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Staying on top of emerging events that might affect our clients enables us to provide a further layer of protection.

K.H. BRIGER takes pride in our ability to listen to our clients and provide exactly what they need. At K.H. BRIGER we run a tight ship ensuring that our personnel provide prompt, professional service, while presenting a crisp, clean appearance.

 K.H. BRIGER serves greater NYC, New Jersey, Hudson Valley and Long Island regions.