K.H.BRIGER is an equal opportunity employer actively seeking candidates who are enthusiastic public safety professionals. 

Gain valuable experience towards a career in law enforcement, emergency medical services, or fire fighting by becoming a member of the K.H.BRIGER team. 

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email us command@KHbriger.com

   K.H.BRIGER SERVICES                                                 CONTACT INFORMATION                                                           K.H.BRIGER Group

   Security Services                                                        525 East 72nd Street, New York NY 10021                                 KH Security Solutions (MBE certified)

   Pedestrian Traffic Management                                  Tel: 212.390.0011  NYC & Long Island                                       Briger Security Services

   Concierge Services                                                     Tel:  845.782.3352 Hudson Valley                                             KH Facility Management Services

   Janitorial Services                                                      Fax: 917.591.7907

                                                                                    Email:  command@KHbriger.com

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