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Peter Moreno, Chief Executive Officer

           Peter Moreno retired as a highly decorated NYPD Captain after more than 28 years of public service. In addition to a strong patrol foundation earned in some of the city’s busiest precincts, he has enjoyed many varied assignments, such as organized crime control, and internal investigation. He also has significant executive protection experience, having been trained by the department's Intelligence Division. Peter is a firearms expert, and was Executive Officer of the Police Academy's Firearms and Tactics Section.  Most recently he served as a Commanding Officer within the department's Transit Bureau where he achieved significant reductions in crime, and oversaw the security of the city's subway system.

            Peter Moreno is often called upon by national and local news media organizations to speak as a public safety subject matter expert.

            Mr. Moreno holds a Masters of Public Administration from Marist College.

Yoko Endo, President

            Born and raised in Tokyo, Yoko graduated from Meiji University and began her career at the Development Bank of Singapore in Japan.  In 1995, she moved to New York taking a position with one of Japan's largest advertising agencies, DCA.  Turning to freelance consulting in 1998, Yoko began advising department stores and shopping malls, including Lumine Co. LTD regarding New York's retail trends including, customer service and marketing concepts.

            In 2008, Yoko established Yoko Endo LLC, public relations, and consulting company, which provides the latest lifestyle trend information for high-end markets in the greater New York City Tri-State region, and Japan.

            Yoko now brings her vast knowledge of high-end retail, fashion, and international business to the security world. Her in depth understanding of customer service is something that is all to often missing from the contract security industry. Ms. Endo fully understands that first impressions are only made once; and she works tirelessly in order to ensure that our clients are protected in only the most professional manner. Yoko's attention to detail permeates all that K.H. Briger delivers, right down to the crisp appearance of every single security officer.